Last Monday, Chris, Ben, and I completed Insanity. Emily claims to have completed it as well, but she didn’t want to do it with us that day, so we have no way of knowing if she did or did not. I’m glad I did it, even if I tried to quit one or more times. Our workout crew got smaller and smaller as the 6 weeks progressed, but that somehow motivated me to work harder. Also, the weight that I lost made me want to do more. I’m in way better shape now than I was when I left home, largely due to Sean T and Insanity. I had to buy a new belt in order to get my pants to stay up. I have lost some weight, but the scale I’ve stood on is in kilograms, so I have no idea how much I actually lost (I’m a stubborn american and refuse to learn the metric system). I would recommend doing insanity to anyone who wants to work hard and get into better shape than they are currently in. It’s hard and not fun but it’s worth it, especially if you have others to help you along and encouraging you to keep it up. Continue reading Pacing


Trains, Springs, Canyons, and Things

This post is the opposite of one I wrote 3 weeks ago called Staying Put. In that post I talked about how I had slept in the same apartment for 52 nights, and I deemed that a record (I have no clue if it really was, but this is my life and I can do those things). The count rose a few nights higher before we went and stayed at a hot springs place that was about a 45 minute van ride away. It was a cultural experience (the good kind) and the place looked like it came out of a Bond movie. Our room came with an Asian style swimsuit (size XXXL and still too small), although I mostly wore my regular american style one.

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