Flowers outside of my classroom. Totally unrelated to anything in this post
Flowers outside of my classroom. Tangentially related to this post because I mention Easter and this is a picture of beautiful new life.

As of today, exactly 4 months after Christmas, McDonalds’ is still playing Christmas Music.

Also, I have still have no idea what I’m doing.

Ever. In anything. The other day I spent 3 minutes asking a shopkeeper if they had green gatorade, while holding a green gatorade. All because the local word for green sounds kind of the English word for Blue and it got all mixed up in my head.

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Time Spent at McDonalds

I hate to admit it, but last week I visited McDonald’s 5 times. I only ate 3 of those times, once for lunch and twice for breakfast, and the other 2 were strictly for coffee. Even though I really like good coffee at all times of the day, I need coffee in the morning. I’ll admit, it’s not a good/healthy thing, but I don’t really have any desire to stop. The unfortunate thing is that there are dozens of coffee shops in this town, but I only know of 2 that reliably open before 10:00 AM, and the only place that sells real coffee between the two is McDonald’s. So, when you’re out of beans at home for a week, and you don’t want to catch diabetes by drinking lattes and stuff all morning, you do what I did all week and head fort the golden arches.

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