Going Up

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Back at it

One of many views from the camping trip
One of many views from the camping trip

Dear Friends, Family, and people who end up here after searching google images for things like “Aslan Narnia” and “stephen stills family” (that one doesn’t make sense),

I want to apologize for taking so long to post on here, and that’s largely because of limitations that rhyme with “sTime” and “sEnergy”. If those aren’t good enough for you, there are plenty of other reasons I could cite too. Things like Google Chrome not working on my computer for 2 months and being forced to use Internet Explorer, killing any desire to spend much time online, or spending what little free time I’ve had watching ski movies with my roommates, or lack of creative focus, but that’s all neither here nor there. Except for the ski movies. They’re here and they’re awesome.

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