Today I write about Soccer. Why? We’ll get to that. But I wouldn’t be me without giving you too much background info.

Let’s start by saying that I haven’t played Soccer in an organized fashion since I was 7 -and fresh off a year in Europe. Sure we’d play in PE every now and then, and I played as a ringer on my friend Jack’s little brother’s team in 8th grade (I was offsides so much that the ref stopped calling it after it was clear that I wasn’t going to learn. And he needed to worry more about keeping me from knocking over all the 6th graders more than some imaginary line).

I don’t have any pictures of myself as a soccer player, so here’s one of my younger brother, Winn, when he was younger.

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Camping on the Edge of the Roof of the World.


It all began in class about a month ago. One of our teachers was talking about how she spent her weekend, and mentioned going to a beautiful place not far away, so I searched it on my phone. She was right, it was super beautiful, and there wasn’t much online about it. Sounded prime for a camping trip. I texted Gray from across the classroom, and he responded with the cost of the bus ticket and the distance by bus. It was doable.  Continue reading Camping on the Edge of the Roof of the World.