Absence/Gopro problems

A few months ago I promised to post more on here, and I haven’t done that. I know I specifically promised a video from my February travels to Thailand and Cambodia, but it’s with deep regret that I inform you that I didn’t make one of those. Shorty after I landed in Chiang Mai, my gopro (Hero4 Silver in case anyone else has problems) decided that it wouldn’t record in anything other than a bright pink color and only for a few seconds at a time before freezing up. I guess you could say it became an “inaction cam” #dadjokes.

From the top of the Bua Thong waterfall or “Sticky Falls” near Chiang Mai Thailand. Would have been a really cool place to have the gopro

After about a week of trying to reset it and figure out if I could live with the pink, I got in touch with a gentleman on the gopro support team named Francis who took a few weeks to walk me through troubleshooting steps and  finally (after my vacation was over) offered to help rectify the problem by offering a new device under their 1 year warranty. The only problem was that I had ship the camera to a facility to California before they’d get me a new camera.

Because I live across the ocean from California, and the postal/express systems here are less than reliable I decided it would be best to have someone carry it to the U.S. and mail it from there. So I had to wait until this week when my friend, former roommate, and fellow gopro enthusiast, Chris, was in town and ask him to ferry the camera back to the U.S. for me. I figured late is better than stolen.

Chris was very gracious to agree to do this and I’m patiently waiting for word from gopro about when I can expect a new camera. I hope that there’s a way that I can get it back in my hands before I return to the states for good, but I’m not very optimistic. I won’t make any promises of what to expect, but I’ll try to keep yall posted on the warranty status.

Mu Koh Lanta National Park in Thailand. Another instance that would have made for some awesome gopro footage.

In the meantime, if you’re just dying to read things I’ve written I guess you could email me or check out these few things I’ve written about stuff that I like.

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