Holiday Video

As I’ve recently alluded to, I spent February travelling in Thailand and Cambodia, and it was incredible trip. My only regret from that whole trip is that my GoPro died just after arriving in Thailand- Click here for that story– and I wasn’t able to use it to take some pictures and videos. In the 1.5 months that the camera worked I really enjoyed learning about filming and editing videos, so I was excited to have some really incredible footage to use to that end.

Those dreams were crushed by technology (probably a good thing as I ended up getting to experience things rather than try to film them), but not after I captured a freakin’ awesome airplane timelapse. Thankfully my friends Matt, Gabe, and Gray had their various pieces of photography/videography equipment. Gray is a super talented videographer and editor and in his free time has been able to edit all of the footage from that time into the video below. 

Gray also made this awesome video from the camping trip that we took in October among others, so be sure to check out his Vimeo page to see what else is there.

I got word today from GoPro that the broken camera I sent back (via Chris) has been received and they’re preparing a replacement for it. I’m holding out hope that I can get it in my hands before I move back to America, but I just don’t know if it will be possible or worth the effort. It’s a bummer because I’m going to some really cool places that I want to be able to share with my internet friends over the next few weekends.


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