Video About Travelling on the Weekends Over the Past few Months

The Great GoPro Warranty/Repair Saga of 2015 has [hopefully] reached it’s conclusion, and I’d like to celebrate by posting the video below.  This video is dedicated to Chris, Stege, Winn, and Francis with GoPro tech support, who all played integral roles in getting my camera from Asia, to California, and the replacement to Asia again. They all get to share the game ball.

This video was shot during weekend adventures around my little corner of Asia in April and May. The first two parts (starting with the horses and ending with the waterfall) were shot on my roommate Gray’s GoPro, as my replacement still wasn’t here, but I’ve had the new one for about a month and a half without any problems. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I hope yall enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it during this last little bit of time I have left in Asia (I’ll be in the US in a week [emoji with really big eyes]). You might recognize some familiar faces like my older brother Jay and some yaks.


Dead Yaks and Jesus


The past two weekends I’ve found myself high up in the mountains, getting to enjoy the Lord’s creation and the great things that he has for us. The first weekend was camping with a group of men and we had a chance to climb a mountain that was 16,500 feet above sea level, which was an awesome experience.

The second weekend was a trip with classmates to a very beautiful and popular tourist area to contend with the crowds and take lots of pictures.

But what wonderful pictures the tourists took.


Besides the mountains, the common thread between the two places was yaks. There were yaks everywhere. On the side of the road, on the mountains, hanging up in stores in town, and on my plate. I had a good time thinking about yaks and telling my friends yak facts that I’d just looked up on my phone.

Like other bovine animals, yaks are herbivores and need to move around in packs eating grass. They’re usually herded by nomadic herders who keep them from overgrazing and destroying their chances for more food.

As we climbed the mountain last weekend, my friend Ben and I followed trails that had been presumably trodden by yaks, thanking them for knowing the best way up the mountain. Along the way, however we kept coming across bones and skulls, often several at a time, indicating that they’d become a meal for something (probably a wolf, bear, or snow leopard). This made for spooky photos, dumb jokes, and kept me coming back to a weird spiritual lesson about community that I think I’ve learned from studying Psalm 23. Continue reading Dead Yaks and Jesus