If you ask most guys like me (almost 25, unmarried, American) what their favorite food is, they’ll probably tell you bacon, but I’d like to offer a differing opinion. I’m coming up on 2 years abroad, in a place where a lot of our American “staple” foods aren’t available, and I’ve got to say that peanut butter outweighs bacon by a long shot. I’ve bought Bacon one time in the past year(at Carrefour It was called “Elegant Bacon”) and haven’t really missed it. But peanut butter? I’ve had that stuff on hand ever since I arrived over here. Where I live, It’s not available in your everyday grocery stores, only in the big international super markets like Carrefour and Walmart, but I still ride my scooter to buy it. Last year it was a 35 minute subway ride away but we would make PB runs on the regular, often buying them out of the creamy goodness and bringing it back for our friends like it was Firefly Whiskey in 2008.

The grocers know this, causing it to be sold for not crazy low prices. A small jar like the one pictured below costs like $6, but that’s money well spent.

Current jar on my desk (in a state of about medium-messy) with current peanut butter spoon, which is crazy long.

You can eat peanut butter on anything. If you disagree, you’re welcome to offer up suggestions of things that peanut butter is bad on and I will prove you wrong (has to be food (or utensil), can’t be bad things to begin with, like sardines or cole slaw). As pictured above, peanut butter doesn’t even have to be on something, I recommend eating it with a spoon or finger.

I’m also a big fan of the old stand-by, the PB&J. As many people may know, along with eggs it’s one of a few foods that I have cooked in the past couple of years (my roommate Gray and I have been expanding into the frying game though, so I’ve recently added chicken and potatoes to that list), and for good reason. They’re simple, delicious, full of all the things you need and like: protein, sugar, gluten, fruit, etc.

I’m not a very smart person, but I’ve even figured out a way to make a PB&J that doesn’t require dish washing. I simply use my “peanut butter spoon” that lives on my desk to spread the goodness onto two pieces of bread that are resting on top of plastic bread that holds the rest of the loaf, although sometimes I buy a packet of bread containing just 2 pieces of bread (minimum requirement for sandwiching) downstairs at the mini-mart. After assembly I hold the bag over the trashcan for crumb disposal. Voila, sandwich=ready. I’ve recently been experimenting with the “Pancake PB&J” and it’s probably my proudest achievement to date. I’ll post the recipe once I’ve perfected it.  Brendan Leonard of semi-rad.com recently wrote way more eloquently about the merits of the PB&J, so I’ll let yall follow the link over there to read that.

A sort of recent iteration of the Pancake PB&J, a variation that does require you to do dishes (pan, spatula, plate)

About an hour ago, I was panicking because I couldn’t find my jar of peanut butter. I’m not sure what happened, but it wasn’t on top of our water cooler in the kitchen where I had last seen it or my desk where it usually spends the day. I was truly worried that I would have to find out whether our closest peanut butter dealer (Walmart ~20 minutes away) is open late. With the help of a roommate, I located it (in a cabinet above the sink of all places??) and brought it back to my room thinking about how peanut butter is truly something I like.


3 thoughts on “Peanut Butter

  1. I guess this means you were happy to find some( and something to put it on )in your Easter basket/ box? Simple pleasures. Love , Mom

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